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Here we are at last with the summer festive season now upon us.

We are proud to announce that Kiwi Tuk tuk is ship shape, up and running so jump on board!!

Our 100% Electric Tuk Tuks are looking great this year with their new safety modifications, super mag wheels and reduced passenger seating providing the ultimate intimate experience.

The Kiwi Tuk Tuk team are really excited to be providing private tours and private hire services to meet your needs, acquainting folk to what makes Auckland point of difference to the world – Our diverse culture and rich unique Heritage.

Our tours will tangibly link you to Auckland’s rich past and present history that will leave you spellbound.

What better way to spend an hour visiting our cities top locations with a twist of quirkiness and a lot of fun in the state of the art environmentally friendly Tuk Tuks with full PA narrative and historic visual ques delivered by our passionate fully trained tour guide operators.

From just $65 to $115 per person we will give you the best hour or two to acquaint yourself to Auckland City like no other operator can offer or alternatively we can customise tours to suit.

Not only catering for the tourism industry, Kiwi tuk tuks services cater for Aucklanders and the business sectors alike offering fun tours or alternative transportation options and by the time you finish our tours you will know more about Auckland’s rich culture than the average Aucklander. Our private tours also provide the perfect accompaniment to that special night or occasion where lasting memories a forged. 

We also cater for promotions and events including advertising services.

A must do experience for everyone so come and join us for your trip of a lifetime.

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